Sapphire Collar

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Slip into this yummy and juicy new collar y’all! This front-buckling collar bursts with color and sparkling glittery toughness. It is inspired by puppy collars and motorcycle culture, but it’s super sleek and femme. 

The Sapphire Collar is a sleek and sturdy collar for fashion AND play.
It has a 1.5” wide band and adjustable length for different levels of strict comfort.
It’s band is wider than the 1” Mica Collar, but not as strict as the 2” thick Quartz Collar.
The mounted dangling 2” Ring is reinforced for all types of play, and the length of the collar can be cinched during play with the smooth roller function of the buckle. It will sit comfortably on your neck when you’re not being leashed and dominated during scenes. 

This collar style is also mega reinforced with a internal layer of 40 gauge clear vinyl to that has been topstitched in place. This extra internal layer will ensure that the collar is extra durable and string, with no stretch. The thickness of the vinyl is very pleasing and high quality! 


  • Glitter Vinyl
  • Internal Reinforcing Clear Vinyl 
  • Nickel Chrome Heavy Loop and Dangling Ring
  • Roller Buckle in Nickel Chrome
  • Rivets and Grommets in Nickel Chrome
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Thread
Size & Fit:
These are Ready-to-ship and adjust from 13"-18". When measuring your neck, make sure two fingers can fit comfortably between any strap and your body. This collar is 1.5" wide, so it is very comfortable for all body types. Folks with short necks and curvy chins may need to size up, so measure for comfort. Since these are already made, the size cannot be modified.
Production Time & Shipping ETA:

This is a Ready-to-Ship item so it will ship in 1-3 business days. The Mica Collar ships USPS Priority. 

Care Instructions:
  • Store as you would latex, in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Wipe clean with mild soap or moist towelette
  • Wipe dry, around all hardware to avoid any erosion
  • Two fingers should fit between all straps during wear for comfort and safety
  • Do not submerge in water
  • NOT for suspension 


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