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GNAT Cone Bra

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 This fetish inspired garment blends two kinky objects: bullet bras and harnesses! You’ll feel super sexy in this cone bra and it fits all types of titties- both petite as voluptuous!

First of all, let me say that as a professional booby architect- "Bra cup sizes" are BS. These letter sizes are ALL relative to the rest of your body's shapes. The mass of your breasts is very unique to each body, and whatever size you have is SO hot and fun! I only reference these "cup" sizes to help anchor you through choosing 1 of 2 cup shapes. OK? Love u!

The 3.5” cone fits a cup size A-D. How is one size cup sizes A-D? Small sizes are cupped by the vinyl and large spill! For reference, black bra is on a size 36D model. Hot Pink bra is on a 42B Model, blue bra is on 30A Model.  The cup's flat pattern is a 7” circle, so 3.5" from nipple to edge. Feel free to message me with other fitting questions

A Bigger version is also available! See the pastel pink bra: for sizes DD / plus size babes. This bra’s radius is 5” from the center, so it is a 10” circle when flat. The dart in the cone creates an ample cup that can accommodate quite a bit more than the 3.5” bra. This bra was made for a client with size H boobs. But what do these letters actually mean?? It’s a weird an obtuse measurement that they made up- but I know that every body is different depending on their size and shape. I can help you choose which size will fir better, and they are both the same price.
Anyways, I didn’t get a chance to photo it on a dress form, but did pop it over my sweater for reference. I am petite but also a G cup (but I often wear a size D when I buy bras because ya know, it’s more mainstream) 

if you’ve got those BIG big titties, we can make the cup even bigger- it’s really no problem 💞


  • Glitter Vinyl
  • Nickel Chrome Heavy D-Rings & Dangling Rings
  • Roller Buckle in Nickel Chrome
  • Rivets and Grommets in Nickel Chrome
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Thread
Size & Fit:
You're basically just choosing which band size you want (around your body), and which cup you want -The 3.5" or the 5"!
Measurement reflects under-bust measurement. Include any sizing concerns with your order, and your piece will be modified! Consider the number in your bra size, this is your under-bust measurement. Ex. 34C should order the 30"-40" bra. 
If you don’t wear a bra, measure around your entire body where the string of a bikini would be tied! It goes under your boobs, flush against your rib cage and back. 
Production Time & Shipping ETA:

This is a Custom Item made to your size and color preferences. Please allow 2 Months for production of any custom order. The GNAT client queue is long but the work is still handmade! All items will be sent USPS Priority and are available for re-fits if you realize you've ordered the wrong size. Returns are not accepted. See Terms & Conditions here.

Care Instructions:
  • Store as you would latex, in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Wipe clean with mild soap or moist towelette
  • Wipe dry, around all hardware to avoid any erosion
  • Two fingers should fit between all straps during wear for comfort and safety
  • Do not submerge in water
  • NOT for suspension 


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