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After 7 years of developing the GNAT Glitter Kink brand and designing the perfect glittery clear strap-on harness, I've finally bet on myself and rented my first storefront space! So many possibilities lay ahead of me, and I am excited to build my dream workspace, showroom and shop. I'm located blocks from the Leather Archives & Museum and Leather Bars of Roger's Park, and I hope to expand on the kinkiness of the neighborhood with an offering that is Femme, gender expansive, body positive, community oriented, and glittery.

I've also created a GoFundMe here: 


SO! To raise extra money for my endeavor, I'm offering Party Gurl Packs! The prices reflect the cost of the item, PLUS a donation. Do they seem more expensive than usual? Thats because they are! My hope is that folks will see this as a "reward" type donation, like you would receive on a kickstarter. 

I am raising funds to finance the start-up costs of a new workspace and shop. GNAT is a self-funded businesses that is owned and operated by one woman, me! I plan to invest all the funds raised into equipment and supplies that enable me to make gear efficiently and safely. I will also invest in various equipment and fixtures needed for my new studio and shop, and will further create the environment from which I will make all those sparkling harnesses, garments, and accessories. I will be collecting small investments for my business all Summer, and will be building out my space during Fall 2020. Due to Covid-19, a store that is open to the public isn't a possibility, so I will spend this time to work towards building out my goal while fulfilling orders that keep my business going. I hope to have a Launch Party in the future, where I can connect with all my amazing friends and family who have encouraged me all these years!

I would be so grateful for the help that will enable me to reach my goals while making an inclusive and empowering space for others to explore their sexual wellness. Minority Owned Small Businesses face a lot of challenges, especially within the fashion & Sexuality industries. Your investment in GNAT WORLDWIDE LLC will create happiness and pleasure that will enrich the world!

Again, donate to Black causes before you donate to this one.

OK I love y'all! 


Gnat Rosa Madrid
CEO & Founder of GNAT Glitter Kink