GNAT Glitter Kink Gift Card

Regular price $25.00

The GNAT Gift Card is here!

Want to get your lover a GNAT Custom piece, but not sure exactly what their heart desires? Get them a GNAT Gift Card!

Each gift card is redeemable right away, as a digital code and receipt is emailed upon purchase. But wait, theres more! Each purchase will also receive a handmade GNAT Party Gurl PVC Gift card in the mail! 

Shopify (the web shop we use) only sends the gift card code to the recipient because a gift card is considered currency- So you will need to print out the digitally emailed code/ recipt to present with your GNAT handmade Party Gurl Card <3 We can always re-send the digital "gift card" if you lose the $$ code.  Shopify just won't let us SEE the code to print on the GNAT card. The Handmade GNAT Card is just to make the gift giving experience extra special.

Production Time & Shipping ETA:

The GNAT Party Gurl PVC Gift will be sent the you within 2-4 Business days. Want to personalize the gift card? Include your beloved's name and a special message, and it will be printed on the card along with the amount and redeemable code when checking out in the GNAT Shop. We can also send the card directly to the recipient. 

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