GNAT Lanyard

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GNAT Gear for your every day routine? Hot!! Add some extra sparkle to your day y'all! You'd be surprised at how mood improving an item like this can be when you're hustling under capitalism in a corporate environment. Clip on some key chains or a travel hand sani bottle and you're ready to go! Be prepared to say the words "GNAT Glitter Kink" A LOT if you wear this to work. Everyone WILL ask where you got it. 
I designed this GNAT Lanyard for my partner, who is a Nurse at the local Queer Sexual Health Clinic, and this lanyard would be an amazing item to use daily for any* worker that regularly uses a badge, key card, or keys within their workplace.
*(not for cops- ACAB)
It is made of the Party Gurl Vinyl wrapped PVC, so it can easily be disinfected with wipes or spray- making it perfect for medical settings during this pandemic. 


  • High Polish Steel 2" Swivel Snap Carabiner
  • GNAT Party Gurl 3/4" Wide Strap with logo sequin
  • Clear ID Badge Cover that seals
Size & Fit
A "standard" lanyard is 36" long and fits most.
However, I'm also offering a 46” option for folks who have larger and taller bodies. You can observe how each one fits in the photos above! Also please note that this lanyard DOES NOT snap away when tugged on, so don’t lean over any moving machinery while wearing it  
Production Time & Shipping ETA:

This is a Ready-to-Ship item so it will ship in 1-3 business days via USPS

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