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Party Girl Paddle

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Get ready to have a GNAT shaped heart on your cheek! The Party Gurl Paddle is here!!!!!!!

The Party Gurl Paddle is a glittering impact toy that is PACKED with GNAT's special Party Gurl Glitter Mix. Each paddle is hand poured crystal clear epoxy resin with a Party Gurl vinyl strap so you can hang it on your wall or slide it onto your Party Gurl Chain Belt or the hip strap of your Strap-On!

The Party Gurl Paddle features a heart cutout that helps the paddle swiftly swing though the air on its way to slap you. Depending on the velocity of the impact, a heart will appear as the negative space on a slap mark or bruise. Each paddle comes with a special card that details the safe places of which strike your partner with an impact toy. Always do your research and test any impact toy on yourself before using it on another. 

Each Party Gurl Paddle is different, with a variety of GNAT sequins and decals embedded within the resin, so we have taken a photo of each and labeled them with a 'Letter" so that you can choose which one you prefer.


  • Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin
  • GNAT Custom Holographic Sequins
  • Party Gurl Confetti & Glitter Mix

Size & Fit
Each Paddle is 12" long and 1 3/4"" wide at the handle, 3" wide at the top.
It is flat poured with beveled edges. 
The Party Gurl Strap is an 2.5" Loop with a 1/2" D-Ring at the end. 

Production Time & Shipping ETA:

This is a Ready-to-Ship item so it will ship in 1-3 business days via USPS

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