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🚨🥵🛍 OMG! Did you just discover my brand and HAVE to have something ASAP? Are my Custom Orders closed but you have an intense NEED to get your hands on a harness? If so, keep reading! 🚨🥵🛍

OK, it's true that my custom order queue fills up in a matter of hours when I open it for custom orders. My fans diligently wait for the time to place their orders, and then wait months to get their specialty items. Thats not always conducive to how people shop- so I'm giving y'all an option to:

✂️ Order ANY (1) Harness that you want, in your size & color

✂️ Get that harness in 10 Business Days

(Ships in 10 days or less. Not responsible for shipping delays)

Is it marked up to reflect that convenience? Yeah! I could really use the extra money to fund my business. And you now CAN get your hands on GNAT Gear any time you want. Win/Win! 

This offer is only valid for my EXISTING Collection of Harnesses, and is not for the purpose of newly designed harnesses that you've dreamed up. However, we can totally chat about small modifications to your item if you have something creative in mind. 



Since this listing offers many types of harnesses, I'm going to need each client to send their necessary measurements with the order. Please include all relevant measurements with this order, in inches, completely around your body:

Chest (around Arm Pits)

Full Bust (Around the fullest part of your boobs or chest)

Under Bust (The measurement around your chest, under your boobs)

Waist (the smallest part of your waist, also known as your "Natural Waist"

Hips (Fullest part around your hips)

Hip Crease/ Thigh (The part where your leg connects to your pelvis, OR where the leg hole of your underwear is! This will go over and around your butt cheek too)



Any of my solid color glittery vinyls are available, and you can see their swatches here:

I can also do a fun mix of colors, so be as specific as possible WHERE you want WHAT color, or I can help you plan it out! 

Party Gurl Confetti Styles will remain where applicable.

✂️ If you have any measurement or design questions, feel free to email me at and I will make this my top priority (because you're paying a premium for it to be, yay!)✂️

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