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Sparkle Lollipop Earrings: 2 Colors Available 💖

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Hey SWEETIE! Look yummy in some heart shaped or *new* star shaped lollipop earrings, with iridescent sparkles inside.  



  • 1.5" Pink Resin Heart or / Purple Stars Lollipops with Plastic "stick" 
Standard "Silver” metallic tone earring hook-loops Not gold or brass. Although these earrings are nickel alloy plated, I test-wore them or a month with NO color change, chipping, dulling or effect to ears. It didn't turn my ears blue.They're lightweight and good quality.  This is not a handmade item by GNAT.
🎀 QT TIP: I recommend wearing the earring back on these earrings! They come with one, and while it may seem silly to secure them as a drop style, it keeps them secure. The sticks are a rigid line, so the force from that stick hitting your mask or shoulders can force the earring out of your ear 🎀


Production Time & Shipping ETA:

TheSparkle Lollipop Earrings will be sent the you within 2-4 Business days and will ship USPS. They come with two sets of stick-on earrings too!

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