Lover Babe Chunky Collar: Ready to Ship

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The Lover Babe Chunky Collar is for all the pretty Valentines out there! You deserve it for being so good (or exquisitely bad)! Ask your dom to buy it for you and play hard and sweet, or BYOV (be your own valentine) and clip it by leash to your own belt. Sparkle in all your romantic brattiness!

The Lover babe Chunky Choker is sturdy yet comfy. A 1.5" strap wraps around the neck and buckles in the front with a 1.5" Roller Buckle and Heavy Duty 1.5" D-Ring. Each Collar is stuffed with holographic large hearts, lips, 'love' confetti, small iridescent hearts, and a large GNAT logo sequin. Each collar is also finished with a dangling heart charm lock. 


  • Heavy Clear PVC & Clear Vinyl
  • Large Holographic Plastic Sequins
  • 3/4" Dangling Heart Charm Lock
  • Nickel Chrome Heavy D-Rings 
  • Roller Buckle in Nickel Chrome
  • Rivets and Grommets in Nickel Chrome
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Thread
Size & Fit:
The Lover Babe Chunky Collar fits all babes, from tiny necks to double chins! Multiple sizes are available. When measuring neck, make sure 2 fingers can easily fit between collar and neck. It is most comfortable this way, and can tighten for strict scenes. Each collar is adjustable by 4”, and each grommet is 1" apart. 
Production Time:
These collars are ready to ship and will ship daily until February 24th. 
Care Instructions:
  • Store as you would latex, in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Wipe clean with mild soap or moist towelette
  • Wipe dry, around all hardware to avoid any erosion
  • Two fingers should fit between all straps during wear for comfort and safety
  • Do not submerge in water
  • NOT for suspension 

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