Lover Babe Pinup Custom Harness Bra

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The Lover Babe Custom Harness Bra is a SUPER limited edition GNAT Original that combines all the stylistic details you love! This piece is a full garment with no need for cover-up or additional censoring in photos. Furthermore big, full breasts get a lift in this sturdy and sexy cage bra with built in pasties. This bra harness is a glitter fetish dream!

The Lover Babe Custom Harness Bra is made to order.  It is made of 1.5" straps that wrap around the under-bust and buckles in the back with 2 x 1.5" Roller Buckle that adjust the base of the bra. The rest of the straps are 3/4" wide and wrap around the breasts. The clear pasties are obscured by XL holographic sequins, and measure 3" wide. Each bra is fully stuffed with holographic large hearts, lips, 'love' confetti, small iridescent hearts, and a large GNAT logo sequin.


  • Heavy Clear PVC & Clear Vinyl
  • Large Holographic Plastic Sequins
  • 3" pasties
  • Roller Buckle in Nickel Chrome
  • Rivets and Grommets in Nickel Chrome
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Thread
Size & Fit:
The Lover Babe Custom Harness Bra is made custom, for each order. I will be emailing each client with a special measurements sheet to ensure that everything fits well and is adjustable to accommodate each person. 
Production Time & Shipping ETA:
This is NOT ready to ship. Orders placed before Feb. 9 will be expedited for Valentines Day Delivery. Other inquiries on turnaround time should email me at Normal turnaround time after Valentines Day is 4-6 weeks but expedition is available on a case by case basis. 

Care Instructions:
  • Store as you would latex, in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Wipe clean with mild soap or moist towelette
  • Wipe dry, around all hardware to avoid any erosion
  • Two fingers should fit between all straps during wear for comfort and safety
  • Do not submerge in water
  • NOT for suspension 

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