✨Concerning COVID-19:✨

Fortunately, GNAT is still operating during the pandemic! Thank you for your support. Strapping up during this time is a great idea!

This is handmade work, the best work.  One sole crafty femme is making this work without the help of employees or interns. More details are available in Terms & Conditions.

GNAT Glitter Kink: Fetish and Bondage Gear for Fashion & Play

GNAT features glittering, femme-centric fetish and bondage gear for fashion and play. The GNAT collection is custom made for the full spectrum of gender, size, and desire. GNAT promotes safe, exciting, and consensual sex, BDSM, fat positivity, gender euphoria, and sexual wellness. GNAT gear is designed to connect folks to themselves in a new, heightened way so that they may tap into their desires and erotic sense of self, while luxuriating in glittering opulence. 


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Gnat Madrid, founder of GNAT Glitter Kink

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