Mrs.Gnat, where's my Custom Order?

It's coming I swear!

ICYMI I am taking a hiatus from new client work due to many factors. It's not ideal but I'm gonna say, the latest you'll have to wait is early June. Y'all got in to my Custom Queue at a chaotic but also good time. You're going to get your gear- I am accountable for it! However I am only ONE GIRL with disabilities and problemos but I am going to make your gear. Then you'll have super sought after but NOT available harnesses to flaunt. Reach out of you have an address change. XOXO

That ✨Shiny✨ Feeling...

Slick, Shiny, and Glittering: Welcome to the squeaky and sexy world of GNAT Glitter Kink. Everything here is PLASTIQUE, baby! We delight in the constrictive cinch and heavy hardware of a glitter vinyl harness. Vinyl & PVC are closer to the slick and sweat-inducing erotic experience of latex, so get ready to turn yourself into the dolly of your dreams, and slip into something sparkly!

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  • "No maximalist sex toy list would be complete without a shoutout to this woman-owned and -operated femme-centric fetish and bondage gear brand. It’ll be worth the wait."

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  • "Harnesses are often grouped exclusively with dark, gothic aesthetics, but Chicago-based designer Gnat Rosa Madrid sees the whimsical, femme possibilities in the restrictive BDSM accessory."

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  • "Other companies have largely been focusing on making [Strap-Ons] in minimalist styles. But fewer, like GNAT, have been honing in on making femme-leaning people feel more attractive in them, which is proving to be a powerful mode of progress."

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