That ✨Shiny✨ Feeling...

Slick, Shiny, and Glittering: Welcome to the squeaky and sexy world of GNAT Glitter Kink. Everything here is PLASTIQUE, baby! We delight in the constrictive cinch and heavy hardware of a glitter vinyl harness. Vinyl & PVC are closer to the slick and sweat-inducing erotic experience of latex, so get ready to turn yourself into the dolly of your dreams, and slip into something sparkly!

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  • "No maximalist sex toy list would be complete without a shoutout to this woman-owned and -operated femme-centric fetish and bondage gear brand. It’ll be worth the wait."

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  • "Harnesses are often grouped exclusively with dark, gothic aesthetics, but Chicago-based designer Gnat Rosa Madrid sees the whimsical, femme possibilities in the restrictive BDSM accessory."

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  • "Other companies have largely been focusing on making [Strap-Ons] in minimalist styles. But fewer, like GNAT, have been honing in on making femme-leaning people feel more attractive in them, which is proving to be a powerful mode of progress."

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