At GNAT Glitter Kink, we're creating a product that the queer kink market was aching for: Glittery Femme Fetish and Bondage Gear! New is exciting, but it may also leave with some questions about care, fit, and function. Scroll through our Frequently Asked Questions for the answers you need.

Q: What does wearing vinyl FEEL like? Is it the same as leather?

A: This may seem like an obvious or irrelevant question, but please consider what TYPE of material you like against your skin! Vinyl is a smooth, sleek and flexible plastic. It stretches over your body when cut into thin strings, and becomes thick and sturdy when many layers are used. Vinyl, like PVC or Latex, does not breathe. It doesn't absorb sweat like some leather can. It will not feel like a second skin, much like leather does (because leather IS a second skin, literally).

Like latex fetish fashion, the perspiration and and constriction is part of the erotic experience. With thinner straps, this sensation isn't very noticeable. When wearing larger garments with wide vinyl straps, this slippery and slick experience will intensify. It's very sexy! You can feel yourself slip into the fantasy of being a cinched-up dolly sexpot, exuding glistening hotness. The straps contain your perfect body, and the straps rest tightly yet comfortable against your skin as you feel your warmth radiating off of them. This is all a part of the GNAT Glitter Kink experience!

However, Leather and Vinyl are not interchangeable when it comes to the personal experience, so do your research before buying.

Q: Which Strap-On Harness is the most comfortable?

A: The solid color glitter harnesses are softer than the ones with the clear front panels. There are less layers involved in making the front panel, and the solid color glitter has a fabric backing which makes it softer than the solid PVC. Both are designed for comfort and movement, and all edges are carefully stitched in place so as not to rub uncomfortably! 

Q: Whats the process for getting a custom piece made?

A: Most GNAT pieces are custom made. We offer many colors, sizes, and fits. Every body is different, and has different fitting needs and color preferences. Go to my website and begin shopping in the Custom Gear Collection. From here, you’ll see all my products. You’ll be able to customize your color choices and select your size. For clarity and ease, I have tabs for general sizes. However- if you fall between ranges, you can simply communicate your exact measurements in the text box with your order. Each piece is adjustable with many straps and buckles, so your piece will grow with you, and can also be shared, or refitted with ease.

Q: What colors are available for my GNAT Gear?

A: We release seasonal collections that are ready to ship. Those colors are limited by what has been produced, and what is seasonally included in that drop.

For custom orders, we have a large range of colors and tones. Not all colors are always available. Certain manufacturers and distributors carry or drop various colors over time, so colors’ availability is limited.

Our official swatch book is HERE:

We also have one on our instagram! Look at the ‘Guides’ tab.

Q: How does your Fit and Sizing work?

A: As a very small, small business- we’d love to be able to have as many sizes as there are bodies! We have streamlined this process by making each harness adjustable, and by using size ranges in our listings.


We can make each harness to your exact specifications. In each listing, you’ll see a drop-down menu of size ranges. Simply locate the main strap that goes around the entire body, and measure where it would lay on you!


For example, for the Belt Bra- measure the entire distance around your chest- as if you were wearing a belt over it. compare this measurement to our sizes available and choose your size.

For a Collar, measure around your entire neck and compare to our sizing measurements.

For a Bra Harness, notice that the buckles wrap around your under-bust. Measure the entire circumference under your breasts along your ribs, and compare this measurement to our size options. We’re working on a size diagram to help you measure yourself, and branded GNAT measuring tapes with free shipping!

If you fall between sizes, simply let us know your exact measurements.

Q: I noticed the Strap-On Deluxe costs more than the Strap-On Classic. Have you fat taxed us Gnat Glitter Kink?
A: TLDR: For better or worse, The Deluxe version takes my body more time and energy to make. I make everything. The hardware is more expensive too. 
Okay your feelings are valid but hear me out- BOTH of these harnesses are made in EVERY size. Both can be worn by someone of any size. You have a CHOICE. Some people prefer thick & reinforced straps and a bigger crotch cover. Some people like a more micro & minimal coverage so that they don't feel overwhelmed by vinyl. They're different harnesses, and as a consumer I have given y'all the choice to pick either one. I don't charge a different price per size of the same item, ever. ALL items, every single harness and collar, are priced to reflect the price of the largest size. Think of it this way: Thongs are usually cheaper than bikini, shorts are cheaper than pants, sandals are cheaper than sneakers. They're different items, even if it doesn't seem like it to you. Though you may prefer the coverage of one vs the other, they would both fit anybody and WORK WELL and be hot. Skinny people order the deluxe all the time, and fat people order the classic. I get this message a lot, so I wanted to address it here. You're allowed to disagree with me! Thats fine! The Deluxe is simply a more work, a different pattern, uses more vinyl, and uses different (and more expensive) hardware. If you REALLY can't get over the price increase from model to model, take comfort in knowing that that extra $25 will go towards sustaining a very small business that prioritizes fat clients, and is made by a fat designer to sustain her gay little family with fat people in it. So if it really is a fat tax to you, know that the fat beneficiaries of that tax are using it to live a glorious fat liberated life. Please don't message me to lecture me about this. Thats (small) biz baby!
Q: How do I store my GNAT Gear?

A: We recommend treating and storing your gear as you would latex or lingerie. Store your gear on a hanger or flat in a drawer. Keep it in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can fade certain tones of glitter vinyl. I know y'all like to hang your harnesses on that wall but when you do that, you riskthe sun fading your vibrant vinyl. If a strap seems warped from being on a hanger for too long, lay your piece flat and it will resume its shape. Don’t get her wet, and if you do- towel dry instead of air dry. Get around each strap and each ring until your piece is completely dry. Vinyl and PVC are a plastic. Keep them away from high heat like fires, radiators, and space heaters. Plastic melts!

Q: How do I clean my GNAT Gear?

A: Hand spot-wipe. Do not use any cleaners or sprays that contain harsh chemicals or bleach. I prefer to use an antibacterial wipe or natural soaps diluted with water on a wash cloth. You can also use Purel wet wipes, or in a pinch- Clorox wipes WITHOUT bleach. Wipe your harness clean, strap by strap. Be sure to get into the topstitching of the straps. The thread is heavy duty nylon, so it will wipe clean. After wiping off all the straps and hardware, wipe DRY with a paper towel or cloth. Leaving your harness to air dry can trap moisture on hardware and can cause premature damage. I recommend rubbing a layer of Vivishine over your harness after each cleaning, and you can read more about that below! 

Q: How do I maintain the sparkle and sleekness of my harness?

A: Is your SOLID color glitter vinyl looking dull or dusty? Is it feeling kinda sticky against your skin? I have THE solution: Vivishine Latex Lube! This silicone lube restores all the sparkle and shine, and it makes your pieces look brand new! I love it so much. Get yourself a small bottle, a little goes a long way. Do not powder your GNAT gear like you would latex.

 Q: What type of hardware do you use?

A: We use a mix of very strong metal hardware. Most of out hardware is steel, but some pieces are coated in nickel. Smaller rivets, grommets, and specialty fastenings are coated in nickel. Folks with a nickel allergy should evaluate their risk of reaction. I have never heard or a harness of mine turning someone’s skin blue or irritating them, but you never know.


We are not able to source rivets that are stainless steel. They will have nickel in them. However, in my entire experience running my brand, I have never had a client report an allergic reaction. For this reason, an order can not be made "nickel free', even for an upgraded cost.

Q: Something arrived and its too big/small- What can you do?

If you’ve recently ordered your GNAT Gear and it doesn’t fit quite right- simply send me an email and we’ll get it back to my studio in Chicago ASAP so that I can fit it for you. I’ll need you to pay to ship it TO me, but shipping will be free when it comes back to you. Ready-to-ship items are not able to be custom sized. However, if a item is advertised differently than it arrives to you, contact us and we'll make it right!

Q: I’ve had my piece for a while and its starting to wear and tear, What can you do?

A: GNAT Gear is made to withstand all the queer fun and play. It is intended for bondage, fetish, and restraint.

However, GNAT Gear is handmade, and the materiality is not indestructible. We evaluate replacements and repairs on a case-by-case basis. We suggest treating your GNAT fetish gear as you would latex. Vinyl, Latex, and PVC does not have the lifelong strength and rough-and-tough quality as leather. If you’re looking for a lifelong piece that can withstand decades of rough sex, our products may not be for you. If you’re looking for erotic products that heighten your awareness of your body, move and adjust to your curves as time passes, and become a tool for pleasure- then you’ve come to the right place! THAT BEING SAID we’ve been active trying to destroy tester collars and cuffs in our studio for weeks, and they’re holding firm and staying sparkly!

Q: There is a fly-away thread from a strap of my harness

A: We use high quality, leather grade size 69 Nylon thread when sewing all straps. Sometimes, the end of a strap’s thread comes loose for a few stitches. If you have a flyaway thread, simply tough it to the flame of a lighter. The thread will melt and seal. Cotton thread would burn up and fray, but nylon (plastic) thread melts neatly into line. If the thread feels scratchy or rough after melting it, see below.

Q: The inside edge of a strap is poking me/ feels itchy/ isn’t smooth

A: We finish each and every strap by sewing a rounded edge, and cutting it with a curved knife. If the inside edge of a strap is scratching you, simply use small scissors to snip off the rough corner, or touch a lit lighter to the plastic. The lit lighter will melt a small section of the vinyl, and you'll be able to quickly smooth down that that rough spot with your finder tip. Do this very carefully, and eventually the spot will be smooth.

Q: Are GNAT Harnesses waterproof?

A: Technically, sure! GNAT Harnesses wont get droopy and soft after being in water. HOWEVER we do not recommend getting them too wet via a pool or rainstorm. If the hardware stays wet, the fixtures that are not stainless steel could rust. If your harness gets wet, simply towel dry it rather than air dry. Care for her after splashes and squirts and they’ll last longer!

Q: Can I use GNAT Products for suspension/ rope bondage situations?

A: Absolutely not! GNAT Gear is not designed for suspension.

Q I’ve gained or lost weight but my piece is still in great condition- can I have a refit?

A: This is also on a case-to-case basis but the answer is usually yes! Simply email GNAT and we’ll talk about what we can do for you. Oftentimes, we can send you a replacement strap that extends your harness. For example, if a strap-on harness has become too small for you, I can send you a larger back-strap free of charge. If your bra feels too small after losing weight, I can send you a matching back center buckle strap that tightens your piece. No need to re-do the whole piece. If the WHOLE piece does need to be refit and you’ve had it for over a year, we can not issue this service. We suggest gifting it to a femme and purchasing a new item.

Q: How do I put a dildo in my harness?

A: You can wear dildo in your harness two ways. Put your harness on so that the triangular front panel is over your pubic mound. Tighten or loosen the jock-straps and tighten or loosen the waist straps. Leave one waist strap open once you’ve adjusted the rest of the harness, and slide the dildo into the hole, against your skin. Then, pull the waist strap tight against your hips and buckle it into place. The base of the dildo will be held against your skin and your harness will perfectly position it. You can also completely strap into your harness, and then unsnap one of the front small straps. Thread the dildo through the metal O-Ring, and then snap the small strap back in place. The dildo will hang well positioned in front of your harness, and the harness will be between your pubic mound and the silicone base.

We have a few different styles of Strap-On Harnesses. Shop our full selection here!

Q: Are these vegan?

A: YES! Unless noted, we do not use any leather in our pieces. They’re 100% vinyl (plastic) with a fabric backing, double folded into straps and topstitched with nylon thread. and metal hardware. Our studio is also pet free, so no allergens will arrive on your harnesses.


Q: Shipping- Will the package be discreet?

A: Yes! The label will read that it is from GNAT WORLDWIDE LLC and the box will look like any other package. Your billing will be similar too.

Q: I ordered a mix of ready-to-ship AND Custom Gear. Will they ship separately?
A: A complete order will ship together. If you want a ready-to-ship items FIRST while you wait, purchase them in separate transactions so you've paid shipping for 2 packages. 
Q: I want to combine orders to save on shipping. Can I add items to my existing order?

A: We can chat about this on a case by case basis. Oftentimes, adding additional items to a package ads weight and volume, so more shipping fees are needed. I also receive A LOT of orders from around the world, so I don't always notice when multiple orders are from the same client. I ship them out as I finish them.

Q: International Shipping: Will I have to pay additional fees?

A; Most Buyers have to pay import fees and duty when buying from outside their country. The buyer is responsible for paying the additional costs such as duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees. These are not included in the shipping fees. I do not know how to pre-calculate these fees for you. These charges can vary widely and are often based on the price and type of item, package weight and dimensions, origin country, and the taxes, duties, and fees of the destination country. If you avoid paying your duty fees, the package is sent BACK to the USA and then you have to pay GNAT to ship it to you AGAIN. Budget to pay your fees accordingly.