Custom GNAT Gear

Order by 1/16 for Valentine’s Day Delivery on the limited selection of Custom Order items. GNAT will be releasing a specialty Valentine’s Day 2021 collection of ready to ship items early February 2021.

Don't see the item you're hoping for? I'm still making them! And I won't stop, because that is how I make money! However, if you don't see available harnesses, it is because my metaphorical PLATE IS FULL and once I finish existing work, I will take more on. Follow me on IG to get updates fastest on when more items become available. Thank you!

All other Custom Orders will be filled as per their usual timeline, but delays may occur during this turbulent time in the USA. Please read all Terms & Conditions 💖


✨Concerning Covid-19✨

Fortunately, GNAT is still operating during the pandemic! Thank you for your support. Strapping up during this time is a great idea! At this time, no additional employees or interns are working alongside me, Gnat, so I may have to temporarily close the shop if I get too many orders that I cannot keep up with. I'll let y'all know as the fall progresses.  

PLEASE READ: GNAT is strongly committed to fitting everyone. We create accessible harnesses and accessories for the full spectrum of gender, size, and desire. To best serve every body, we offer fully custom-made pieces. These pieces are made to order, and we'll accommodate any specifications you may have. This process takes longer, but it allows us to make extra large and extra small sizes, and this enables us to affirm your beautiful body. 

Think of each order placed here as a mini-commission directly with Gnat herself. When you place your order, you're agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of buying a custom item from GNAT. Please read the Terms & Conditions about our return and refitting policies BEFORE buying.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom harnesses and accessories. If you're on a time crunch, we can negotiate an expedited order for an extra cost. During shelter in place, Gnat is working completely alone, with no employees or interns. This may delay items, but it keeps everyone safe. Please be kind with your inquiries and check your impatience. 

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