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✨Concerning Covid-19✨

*UPDATE 6/10/20* We have temporarily closed custom orders due to high volume. Once we get caught up on your handmade items, we will resume business as usual. Thank you so so much for the support of this business, it is such a blessing to have TOO many orders. Your investments helps fuel a queer, woman-owned business and thats beautiful! XOXO

Fortunately, GNAT is still operating during the pandemic! Thank you for your support. Strapping up during this time is a great idea! 

However, due to the huge influx of orders, custom items may be delayed by an additional 4-6 weeks.

This applies to orders placed after 5/1/20. This is handmade work, the best work.  One sole crafty femme is making this work without the help of employees or interns. More details are available in Terms & Conditions.

GNAT is strongly committed to fitting everyone. We create accessible harnesses and accessories for the full spectrum of gender, size, and desire. To best serve every body, we offer fully custom-made pieces. These pieces are made to order, and we'll accommodate any specifications you may have. This process takes longer, but it allows us to make extra large and extra small sizes, and this enables us to affirm your beautiful body. 

Think of each order placed here as a mini-commission directly with Gnat herself. When you place your order, you're agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of buying a custom item from GNAT. Please read the Terms & Conditions about our return and refitting policies BEFORE buying.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom harnesses and accessories. If you're on a time crunch, we can negotiate an expedited order for an extra cost. During shelter in place, Gnat is working completely alone, with no employees or interns. This may delay items, but it keeps everyone safe. Please be kind with your inquiries and check your impatience. 

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