I want to order a harness, but I don't see it in the shop! HELP!

Published Nov. 21, 2022

"Miss Natalia, where the f are the harnesses????

They're coming back soon, I promise!

My loves, the past DECADE I've been making harnesses for your perfect bodies, and I love this labor. I love looking at glitter all day, and I love being able to make dreams come true. However, at the current rate at which I GET PAID, I can't do it anymore! I've gotta take a pause, and restructure how I sell harnesses. 

Literally NO ONE does it like me. I've invented this here confetti harness thing, and though some try to imitate (aww), none can match the quality and craftwomanship! I need to pay myself well, or eventually it won't be sustainable for me to be an artist, and then there will be ZERO good glitter harnesses out there because I'll be working for a corporation or something. No one wants that right?

When Harnesses Return... (probably in February 2023)

They will increase in price as you know, but they will also include:

  • Better Customer Service! 
  • More communication about measurements
  • Better ETA's on delivery
  • Even higher quality materials 
  • Virtual fittings & styling
  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • More beautiful packaging
  • and so much more!

Y'all are the best clients ever, and I wouldn't be here without you! Please be patient with me as I try to create a healthy and sustainable business for me and my gay little family <3 



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