Glitter Color Guide

One of our most popular questions is about our swatch book and color availability. Here, we'll be explaining our swatch book and giving examples of each color in a harness or collar.




  • Ice Pink

  • Hot Pink

  • Dark Red

  • Cherry Red

  • Tangerine

  • Gold

  • Champagne

  • Mint aka Sea Foam

  • Royal Blue

  • Sky Blue

  • Lilic aka Lavender

  • Purple

  • White

  • Black


Beautiful! Glamorous! Perfection!

We have a few other colors that are OUT of rotation, but can be made available via special order. Inquire about our Lime Green, Brown, Silver, or Turquoise.


Almost every color is available for our custom orders. Here are some examples of how gear looks in each shade:


Ice Pink



Hot Pink


Deep Red


Cherry Red








Mint / Seafoam


Royal Blue


Sky Blue


Lilac / Lavender






  • An important note about White: Like any white garment, white requires extra care to keep it clean and stain free. A white blouse, white leather harness, or white latex dress are all similar to a white glitter vinyl harness. Certain pigment substances can and will stain white. If you're going to be wearing these vinyl items with a lot of makeup, around food, or while doing art, I wouldn't recommend getting a FULLY white set- instead use little pops of white with a different dominant color.





Thanks for checking out all of our colors! Feel free to email us with any other questions at for more great pics, follow us on instagram @gnat_glitter_kink