GNAT Confetti Key Fob

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GNAT Gear for your every day routine? Hot!! Try not to get too horny while you unlock your front door or slide your car key into the lock. The Confetti Key Fob is a perfect addition to your collection, and you get to marvel at it while locking up your bike. OR you could designate this special fob for your submissive's locks & keys! 

The Confetti Key Fob is available in two sizes that represent different aesthetic styles:

 The 1.5" Classic fob is a casual and highly functional item that will fit about 6 keys on the ring itself. It comes with a smaller 1" hand poured Glitter Kink Holographic GNAT resin keychain.

the 2" Jumbo fob is a chunkier item that makes a statement! It can fit 10+ keys with standard holes in them, but tiny keys may need a jump ring because the Split Key Ring is also thick and sturdy. Each Jumbo fob comes with a large 1.5" hand poured Glitter Kink Holographic GNAT resin keychain.

This Jumbo style is very GNAT because we love hefty hardware! Because of its wide ring, it can be a little frustrating to use on locks and doors that are narrow or super close to the wall. Its perfect for car "key" fobs (the electric key things) and hard to lose because its so chunky! 

Each key ring is riveted to a swivel bolt snap with a handmade Party Gurl GNAT strap. Each Confetti Key Fob Classic also comes with a hand poured Glitter Kink Holographic GNAT resin keychain! Each keychain is different. Tag will be a random selection of square or round handmade resin tags. 


  • High Polish Steel 2.5" Bolt Swivel Snap
  • 1.5" Party Gurl Vinyl Strap
  • 1.5" or 2" Steel Split Key Ring 
  • 1" or 1.5"  Resin Confetti GNAT key tag
Production Time & Shipping ETA:

This is a Ready-to-Ship item so it will ship in 1-3 business days via USPS

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