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Mid-Scale Screen Prints (5 available)

Mid-Scale Screen Prints (5 available)

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These are the mid & lower scale prints! This edition took lots of experimentation, and some have interesting inclusions that don’t rank them in the HIGH scale.

11x17 2 layer screen prints with mono-print details, on heavy paper, hand signed. 

🎀Each is totally unique with diverse inclusions from the artist’s hand. Each print is 1 of 1. 
some harnesses are electric blue/ violet and some are a darker purple💜

Imperfections be damned, these are awesome.

🔠Each print is labeled with a letter under it, in the photo. One of each is available  

If you're local in Chicago, and don't want to pay for tax & shipping, get in touch so we can do the sale & pickup here! My studio is on the far north side by LA&M.

Shipping & Returns

🛍All sales are final, but items can be refit exchanged for the correct size!

📦A complete order will ship together. If you want a ready-to-ship items FIRST while you wait, purchase them in separate transactions so you've paid shipping for 2 packages. 

✨Custom Order not fitting right?✨Get in touch with GNAT to have it quickly resized for free! This harness is made especially for your body, and we want to make sure it fits like a dream. We require customers to cover shipping costs when sending item BACK to the GNAT Studio.

Care Instructions

💖Store as you would latex, in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

🚫Do NOT store items in a colorful mesh dust bag.

🧽Wipe clean with a mild diluted soap or towelette.

🔒Wipe dry around all hardware with a cloth, do not air dry.

💄Keep light colors away from makeup and paint. Vinyl can stain.

🧪Condition with Vivishine Latex Lube for all solid color glitter vinyl. Do not use powder.

⛓Store on a hanger, or lay flat in a drawer. Do not fold or crumple. This is a luxury garment✨

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