Quartz Collar

Regular price $40.00

The Quartz Collar is a chunky hunk!

Thick, chunky collars create a high-impact look, and they're very fashion-meets-function. The Quartz Collar has quickly become one of our most popular collars, and is a staple look for many Chicago club kids.

2" band with 1" inner band and roller buckle

S/M: 13"-18" fits most    LG: 17"-23" 
1.25 small rings with a 2" center ring.
Chose one or two colors.

This collar is chunky and thick- but may be uncomfortable for folks who have shorter necks. For more comfort, loosen the band until its softly resting on your neck, instead of constricting it. As a petite babe with big cheeks, this collar adjusts to fit my full face.

ITHis piece is also great for submissives who want a strict collar during bondage play. One can also clip cuffs to the side-rings, so hands are kept immobilized. 

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