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Queer Bulldog Harness

Queer Bulldog Harness

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We all know this classic style- its been worn by gays at the the circuit party during IML 4ever. It's usually made of matte black leather and they all look the same. Welcome to a new queer generation of harness, gay dudes!!! This harness is for any body, and it's got a new update of a circle and triangle on the front. If you want it without the cute front detail, just let me know and I'll make it one solid strap. 

The Queer Bulldog Harness straps around the shoulders and crosses over the upper chest. The straps rest under the armpits, and this piece has wider 1.5" straps that hold tight during play. It's great for bondage and also dancing to house music. All straps feature my new StrongCore technology!! Whats that? I'm sewing a SUPER strong PVC Core strap into the vinyl to make sure its stronger than thick leather. LETS PLAY!

💜I have finalized the design to have all buckles pointing towards the back. All the buckles fasten on the back now. All harnesses will be made that way, and it’s super cute and reversible!


  • Glitter Vinyl w/ Heavy PVC Core Straps
  • Nickel Chrome Heavy D-Rings & Dangling Rings
  • Roller Buckle in Nickel Chrome
  • Rivets and Grommets in Nickel Chrome
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Thread
Size & Fit:
The GNAT Bulldog Harness fits higher up on the chest, in between the collarbone and the pecs.

Size reflects inches measures around chest, under the armpits. It looks great on bodies with and without titties! 

1.5" Shoulder & Chest Straps
1.5" Roller Buckles
1/2" Front Triangle & Ring Detail
2" O-Rings on Front & Back
Production Time & Shipping ETA:

This is a Custom Item made to your size and color preferences. The current turnaround time for Custom Harnesses is ~2 monthsThe GNAT client queue is long but the work is still handmade! In order to keep the harnesses at the price they are, the wait time had to be extended. All items will be sent USPS Priority and are available for re-fits if you realize you've ordered the wrong size. Returns are not accepted. See Terms & Conditions for a more details!

    Shipping & Returns

    🛍All sales are final, but items can be refit exchanged for the correct size!

    📦A complete order will ship together. If you want a ready-to-ship items FIRST while you wait, purchase them in separate transactions so you've paid shipping for 2 packages. 

    ✨Custom Order not fitting right?✨Get in touch with GNAT to have it quickly resized for free! This harness is made especially for your body, and we want to make sure it fits like a dream. We require customers to cover shipping costs when sending item BACK to the GNAT Studio.

    Care Instructions

    💖Store as you would latex, in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

    🚫Do NOT store items in a colorful mesh dust bag.

    🧽Wipe clean with a mild diluted soap or towelette.

    🔒Wipe dry around all hardware with a cloth, do not air dry.

    💄Keep light colors away from makeup and paint. Vinyl can stain.

    🧪Condition with Vivishine Latex Lube for all solid color glitter vinyl. Do not use powder.

    ⛓Store on a hanger, or lay flat in a drawer. Do not fold or crumple. This is a luxury garment✨

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