Queer Bulldog Harness

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We all know this classic style- its been worn by gays at the the circuit party during IML 4ever. Its uaually made of matte black leather and they all look the same. Welcome to a new queer generation of harness, gay dudes!!! This harness is for any body, and its got a new update of a circle and triangle on the front. 

The Queer Bulldog Harness straps around the shoulders and crosses over the upper chest. The straps rest under the armpits, and this piece has wider straps than my usual designs. Its great for bondage and also dancing to house music.

Choose your custom color and size, and leave any fit concerns in the comment section of your order. I can accommodate any body and make a custom fit for you!

2" Glitter Vinyl Straps with 4 buckles. Some hardware is nickel plated.

Size+ inches measures around chest, under the armpits. It does not fit over any breasts, but lays on the flatter part of the frontal chest, closer to the clavicle. It looks great on bodies with and without titties! Pictured in Red, Royal Blue, and Purple. Pink nails photo is the Lilac.

Custom Orders have a 6 week turn around time, send USPS Priority.

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